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Create memorable events
The Liv Urban location, intimate and informal character, provides the ideal setting for a private party or any other event, the 7th floor Liv Sky Bar will amaze you and will fulfil any expectations and will leave you and your guests with enduring memories.
We organise events 2-3 times per month, as we have the happy hour 2 times per week.
At Liv Urban we believe that all events are important and that we should make the most of it, we are very experienced to make different events for any occasion.

What better way to live the local vibes and energies than to experience them for yourself? The LIV hotel is connected to the heartbeat of the city and is surrounded by the locals’ favorite shops, restaurants, markets, parks, galleries and nightlife. The kind of places you won’t find in any of the tourist guides. You can grab the most aromatic cappuccino at the local café, boost your endorphins at the local gym and come back for that perfect sunset cocktail at the hotel’s trendy rooftop bar. Whatever you choose to do, you can do it like a local.


Imagine staying in one of the city’s most vibrant hotspots. An urban focal point of culture, cuisine, art, nightlife and perfect beaches. A home away from home, where you can experience the city in a million different ways, beyond the tourist attractions, beyond the “umbrella” tour guides, beyond the obvious. Imagine a place where you can feel, dream, eat, touch and experience the city like a true local.

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