Common Areas

Common Areas

You didn’t come just to sleep, right?
Although our beds are cozy and luxurious, but let’s be honest – that’s not the reason you’re here. You came for the atmosphere. For the mingling. For the opportunity to get to know all the best places and the most interesting people. So, guess what? You’ll find most of these things right here in our building!

Our rooftop is the highlight (literally) of LIV Urban Larnaca. Amazing, decorated roof with a bar and Jacuzzi, where you can go up at the end of the day for a drink, good music, and nice people to get a great evening started, or to jumpstart your day with deep and measured breaths in a yoga class. No matter when you go up to the roof – a refreshing and interesting experience will always be waiting for you.

Liv The Yoga Retreat

Join us for a transformative day of yoga on the 7th floor of our deluxe building.

Practising yoga with a view over Larnaka city is one of the most beautiful and rejuvenating experiences one can enjoy. Revel in the benefits of yoga sessions in the morning’s sunrise. Feel energised, nourished, centered. Spend your free time exactly as you like.


Our garden, or as we call it the “give me 5” corner, is an island of serenity surrounded by natural green, in the heart of the city. The truth is that our regular tenants don’t like the idea that more people will find out about this hidden gem, but as we always say – LIV and let live. If things get a little too much for you and you just need to breathe, or you feel like being alone with someone you met on the rooftop
or at a party in town – don’t tell we said so, but this is the place for you!

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