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On an area of 30 dunams, the Cyprus Valley will be a luxurious, well-equipped and beautifully designed complex with 300 apartments for investment or residence with all necessary amenities for effortless living, including swimming pools, a wellness and spa area, shops, cafes, fully-equipped coworking spaces, a recording studio and more.

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On a 30-acre site, a luxurious gated community will be built, featuring approximately 300 investment and residential units. The meticulously designed complex will include 3-4 floors residential buildings, comprising studio apartments, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments. The facility will encompass all necessary amenities for effortless living, including swimming pools, a wellness and spa area, shops, cafes, fully-equipped coworking spaces, a recording studio, and more.
Situated in the developing area of Larnaca, adjacent to the beautiful Dhekelia coastal strip, which is currently undergoing infrastructure development, this project presents a sought-after investment opportunity. The proximity to the beach, five-star hotels, and the vibrant Dhekelia area enhances its appeal.

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The project will be overseen by the LIV team, a highly professional management company currently managing three projects in Limassol, including hotels, apartments, and impressive hospitality complexes with shared areas. This is done while creating significant added value, content, and top-notch hospitality, leading the network to a global rating of 9.6 on review sites.
The company's managed complexes today include stunning shared areas, a gourmet restaurant, a wellness and luxury spa facility, a fully equipped Top Roof, meeting room facilities, and more. As part of managing the Cyprus Valley facility, residents will enjoy a closed facility with 24-hour security and surveillance services, concierge services, manned reception desks, gardening and operation services, pool cleaning, facility maintenance, and more.

management as an Experience

LIV's management is meticulous, paying attention to the smallest details, providing added value to clients, creating unique and one-time content and experiences for network clients. The complexes managed by the company have hundreds of satisfied customers enjoying services and facilities at the highest level each month. The fact that the project will be managed by LIV, an experienced company with proven expertise and high customer value, will provide apartment buyers with a unique opportunity to enjoy significantly higher returns than market returns and substantial appreciation of properties managed by the company at the highest level.


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Step into the timeless allure of Larnaca’s old city. Wander through enchanting alleys, revealing charming cafes and traditional eateries. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of the past, where every step tells a story.


Tennis fans will find Larnaca’s largest tennis center just a few steps away from our suite complex. The tennis center has a wonderful coffee shop and lots of tennis courts, so get your rackets, step on the court, and play!


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