May 24, 2023

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Introducing Finikoudes Beach – A stunning beach located in the heart of Larnaca, Cyprus

If you’re planning a visit to Larnaca, you’re probably already thinking of the dreamy Larnaca beaches, what things to do in Larnaca, and the hotel and apartments to stay in. Larnaca is one of those cities that somehow manages to perfectly blend the fast-paced vibrant city life with the luxurious and relaxing beachside atmosphere of its shores. And if Larnaca beaches are your thing- no trip would be complete without a visit (or, more likely, several visits) to Finikoudes Beach.

If you’ve never been to Larnaca before, something you should know ahead of your visit is that Finikoudes Beach isn’t merely one of the top Larnaca beaches, but is actually the entire area surrounding the beach itself, full of shops, restaurants, the promenade, and even historic sites. Beyond this, one of the reasons the area is so popular with tourists and locals is its convenient location. It’s a beach, yes, but the hubbub of the city center is really not that far away, and there are plenty of buses, taxis, and good old sidewalks to go from one zone to the next easily.

Admiring the picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea

Picture this; you wake up in your comfortable luxury apartment in Larnaca. Yesterday, you stepped out your door and turned right towards the city. You shopped till you dropped, absorbing the buzz of the humming city scene. Today, you turn left towards Finikoudes Beach. You grab a coffee to go on your 5-minute walk to one of the most popular Larnaca beaches. You lazily stroll the promenade, watching vendors set up for the day and tourists marvel at the beauty. Finally, you park yourself on a sun lounger to sip your coffee in peace as Finikoudes Beach comes to life around you. Now, imagine doing that every single morning of your holiday. Seriously, what a dream!

Relaxing in the crystal clear waters

The Mediterranean Sea is home to Finikoudes Beach. Now, these waters are marveled at by many people around the world. Not just tourists, even the locals are still in awe of the crystal clear waters of Finikoudes Beach. In fact, even just looking at the azure blue water is scientifically proven to bring a sense of soothing and refreshment. Now, we’re not scientists, but we do know how to wade through the water, and you know what; we feel damn relaxed every time we do, so we’re happy to roll with it. And if you want to add a bit of excitement to your time in the water, plenty of beach activities are available to rent, such as snorkeling and windsurfing.

Experiencing a traditional Greek meze on the beachside taverns

Now, with all that time in the sun, exploring, beaching, and shopping, you’ll probably work up an appetite. And what better way to fuel your travels in Larnaca than with a traditional Greek meze? Lucky for you, the promenade of Finikoudes Beach is packed with fantastic restaurants and traditional eateries, so you need not look far in the area to satisfy your hunger. But, we want to give you a shortlist of some of the best Greek meze in the Finikoudes Beach area.

  • To Arxontikon – Athenon 24, Finikoudes Road, Larnaca. Known as an upscale restaurant with gorgeous interior design and memorable meze.
  • Gr – WJ6P+GG7, Larnaca, Cyprus. Known for their large portions of enjoyable meze and affordable prices.
  • Militzis – Piale pasha 42, Larnaca 6029 Cyprus. Known for their lamb kleftiko.

Exploring Finikoudes’ historic sites, such as ‘The Church of Saint Lazarus’ and ‘Kamares Aqueduct’

Explore The Church of St. Lazarus

The Church of Saint Lazarus is one of Larnaca’s most popular historic tourist attractions. Seriously, if you search ‘things to do in Larnaca,’ The Church of Saint Lazarus will likely be in the top 3 of any list. And if you’re thinking, “Oh well, I’m not religious, so I won’t enjoy that,” think again. This church is one of the most enthralling examples of Byzantine architecture and is simply stunning inside and out. It’s definitely worth a visit when exploring Finikoudes Beach; just a heads up, if you do want to check out the inside of the church, make sure you’re dressed appropriately (meaning respectfully, and not in revealing clothing), or you won’t be permitted to venture inside. There is also a small Byzantine Museum on the grounds of the church.

Tour the Kamares Aqueduct

The Kamares Aqueduct, also known as the Bekir Pasha Aqueduct, is a historic aqueduct, or water system, from the 18th century. This site is one of the top things to do in Larnaca, particularly for those who want to take a break from the Larnaca beaches and dive into the area’s history for an afternoon. The structure officially began construction in 1747 and finished construction a mere three years later in 1750, which is pretty impressive engineering, given the structure’s date, size, and purpose, which served as one of the most prominent water distribution systems in Larnaca for many years. Come marvel at the vast masonry bridge comprising 75 smooth stone archways.

Taking a night stroll and discovering unique street art around the beachfront

Finikoudes Beach has a hopping night scene! You can spend the evening strolling the promenade to find somewhere for dinner, drinks, or clubbing (or all three!). After the evening festivities, you can reflect on the day with a leisurely stroll around the beachfront, looking out at the water and seeking out some of the unique street art that ordains the streets of Finikoudes Beach. This is a tourist area, so it is well-lit, densely populated, and perfectly safe to stroll through in the evening.

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