The Underwater Treasures of Cyprus: Diving Adventures on the Mediterranean Coast

The Underwater Treasures of Cyprus: Diving Adventures on the Mediterranean Coast

January 15, 2024

by LIV Collection

Divers around the world seek out Cyprus’s clear blue waters, fascinating marine life, and famous diving sites. As a prominent hub for Cyprus tourism, Larnaca stands proud, offering the ideal mix of rich history, natural beauty, and exciting diving experiences.

Cyprus: A Diver’s Paradise

Cyprus diving is one of the most spectacular in the world. There are many wrecks, reefs, shoals, caves, coves, and other interesting spots for divers of all levels, including beginners. The rich underwater life, crystal-clear waters, and various dive sites make the island a perfect playground for underwater adventures.

The Zenobia Shipwreck: An Underwater Chronicle

No discussion about diving in Larnaca is complete without mentioning the legendary Zenobia shipwreck. Ranked among the top ten dives globally, this world-renowned site consistently captivates diving enthusiasts, professionals, and amateurs alike.

The Zenobia, a Swedish ferry, embarked on its maiden voyage in 1980, only to die off the Larnaca coast. Today, it lies approximately 1.4 km off Larnaca’s coastline, between McKenzie Beach and Finikoudes Beach. It rests on its port side amidst a serene bed of sand and rocks. The story of Zenobia’s descent and the marine ecosystem that now calls it home make it an unparalleled diving destination.

Our top 5 diving spots in Cyprus.
For diving lovers planning vacations in Cyprus, here are our 5 favorite diving sites on the island:


Diving Site



The Zenobia Wreck



White River

Akamas Peninsula



Near Ayia Napa


Manajin Island

Near Paphos


George’s Island

Near Akamas Peninsula

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