Hotel Loyalty Programs: Being a Preferred Guest Pays Off

Hotel Loyalty Programs: Being a Preferred Guest Pays Off

January 15, 2024

by LIV Collection

In the bustling world of travel and hospitality, it’s essential to know where the highest value lies. Hotel customer clubs and loyalty programs have emerged as beacons of exceptional experiences and genuine savings.

It’s not just about a bed for the night, it’s about becoming a part of an exclusive community where every stay feels like a homecoming. As members of such customer clubs, guests receive an array of exceptional benefits, ranging from exclusive offers at gourmet restaurants to privileged upgrades and more.

The intrinsic value of being a Preferred Guest

When you become a preferred guest, you’re not just another customer, you’re family. This sense of belonging comes with an extensive range of benefits that transform your stay from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it’s the joy of a discounted meal at a high-end restaurant, the luxury of a spa experience, or the thrill of an event, being a club member means you’re always one step ahead.

Guests of honor – The LIV Together community

If you like hotel apartments and visit Larnaca once in a while, LIV Collection is the right choice for you. The LIV Collection customer club, LIV TOGETHER, offers benefits, discounts, recommendations, and connections to local business, leisure, and cultural activities.

To illustrate the difference between being a club member and a regular guest, we’ve summarized the benefits in a succinct table:


Club Member

Regular Guest

10% discount on direct orders


Discounts for repeat stays


Special offers at the OLIV restaurant


Discounts for LIV Spa complex and meeting rooms


Rewarding upgrade offers


Free tickets to events and community gatherings


Discount offers at local attractions


Exclusive deals for members throughout the year


Make the most of LIV’s experiences

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our exclusive circle. Check your eligibility for the LIV Together club and immerse yourself in luxurious experiences and delightful discounts. It’s not just about a stay, it’s about becoming a part of a community that values and rewards your patronage. With LIV Together, every stay is a testament to privilege, exclusivity, and unparalleled experiences.

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